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newbie to livejournal

I'm new to this whole LiveJournal thing and this is the first community I've joined. I was surprised to find so many proanorexic and bulemic communities when I searched "running" or "yoga" I'm glad I found this one! I'm moving to Los Angelos soon and was wondering if there are any run clubs or communities anyone could recommend. I ran my first marathon in December and since have been focusing more on shorter distances, striving for a more balanced lifestyle (marathon training sucks).
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The only group I know of is a gay runners group clled front runners... maybe contct them locally if you have a pref to find a straight group. also, now a days they can be found on the net but they used to be advertised in the gay papers... I would think that the other local "independent" newspapers must (insert type of group) advertising in them... good luck with your search. I love exploring the internet so I'll look around for you. If I have any luck I'll post again.
Have you checked out runners?