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Hi, I am new to this community and am very interested in all of the great info you give each other. But anyway, I need some advice. I am now 18 but when I was 14 I had a bad knee injury and had to have surgery. I never got physical therapy, but now I am still in pain. Everyone told me that I would not need to go to PT because I was to young. So now I am not sure if it will be worth it for me to go back and try get a handle on my pain. I am not sure if I have done more harm to my body by allowing my injury to persist while I continued to grow. Does anyone have any experiences or advice on this? Thanks

Need therapy advice

My most urgent need right now is for some physical therapy/massage for a spasm-y hamstring, but I'd really like to find someone who can look at the entire system and work out solutions that will address the connection between my back pain, hipm knee, ankle, foot and toes - I have problems with'em all!

I already know I'm overweight and need exercise and diet, so I don't want to hear that as the first thing out of the caregiver's mouth, thank you very much. These areas issues have been present and prgoressing my whole life, so I know there are some structural/mechanical processes that can be modified - it's just that every specialist I go to looks only at the area giving me a problem at the moment, and not at the whole body. I want to get off the multiple specialist carousel!

I live on the Eastside but am willing to travel a bit.

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newbie to livejournal

I'm new to this whole LiveJournal thing and this is the first community I've joined. I was surprised to find so many proanorexic and bulemic communities when I searched "running" or "yoga" I'm glad I found this one! I'm moving to Los Angelos soon and was wondering if there are any run clubs or communities anyone could recommend. I ran my first marathon in December and since have been focusing more on shorter distances, striving for a more balanced lifestyle (marathon training sucks).

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Hi folks,

I've joined this community to hopefully get some help for my boss...

She is having some major issue with her arms and the docs are not very helpful so far.

She has been diagnosed in the past with carpal tunnel syndrome. She has braces that she uses from time to time when her arms are really hurting. She has also had breast reduction in the past.

Her current issues are:

pain in wrists
pain in upper arms
pain radiating up to back of neck (new)
muscle hardness or tenseness in upper arms...

the doc who diagnosed her w/ carpal tunnel a number of YEARS ago is now telling her it's not carpal tunnel at all...

thanks for any help.
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red fairy

orthotics dilemma

So my physical therapist has slowly been picking away at items that are mis-functioning in my body.  We've gotten to a fairly nit-picky level, where mostly my sacrum is still rotating, causing other things in the neck to eventually go out.  We kept circling around various issues I was having with feet, knees, and ankles.  But the major crap of 2.5 years ago is not happening anymore.  (YAY for that.)

So, my PT had me visit her co-worker, who specializes in feet, ankles, and knees.  The verdict was that I needed some slight corrections with orthotics to overcome structural issues that will never go away, and that my body would never be comfortable with my feet facing strictly forward/parallel, and specifically to wear them when exercising.  I've been wearing them since Thursday, building up my time wearing them, so I don't whack my back out.

Then, I get to yoga class tonight.  And mention that I'll be needing to start wearing them in class.  And basically, the upshot is she won't teach me if I'm wearing them--bare feet only.  She says that you grow dependent on them, that I have to work harder to strengthen my muscles so that I won't need them.

As I didn't have any shoes I could really wear them in, I went barefoot tonight.  And I could feel it immediately.  My feet didn't want to go "all the way down" when they were bare.  Standing poses ached at the ankles because they didn't want to strain as far as they needed to in order to hold the pose correctly.  But my hips felt totally different, and one very stubborn clench seemed to be loosening.

My PT has not led me to anything that was bad for me yet, so I have a lot of respect for and trust in her.  And I also have a lot of respect and trust for my yoga teacher.  So my question to you, oh healthy people, is what is the conventional wisdom on orthotics and exercise like yoga?  Should I be finding a yoga class that will admit me wearing orthotics?  Practice on my own from now on?  Ditch the PT?  What's a girl who loves her yoga to do?
me-ness, march 2011

Greetings and Salutations

i just joined up through a rather oddly unrandom series of links. As is life most of the time... oddly unrandom, that is. :)

Honestly, i have a lot of weight to lose to be optimally healthy for my body frame. It is more important to me to be healthy than to be skinny... my big issue right now is that i don't have the stamina or strength or flexibility or balance to do the things i WANT to do. So, that has to change. i can't change the past, so i can only change NOW.

i am a vegetarian who doesn't do dairy. i avoid refined sugars, white foods (other than potatoes, which i do love, but don't eat more than once every week or two anyway), caffeine, and nasty-fats. That being said, i still tend to eat too much of the right foods, and enough of the wrong foods, to get to my goals. So... time for more change. Daily exercise has worked so well for me in the past, but i have fallen off the wagon. Time to climb back on, eh? :)

Anyway... i am 36, homeschooling mom of two great boys, partner to my beloved husband, owned by 6 birds, 4 cats, 1 dog, and 1 fish. i am a massage practitoner on the side (i keep my license current, but i don't have an active clinical practice). i live on the poorer side of a good neighborhood. My house is cluttered, which i think reflects my cluttered mind... so i am working on that one, too.

Slimming down

I'm a girl with really bulky calves and bigger shoulders than i would like because of muscle. Is there anyway to slim it down other than just losing the muscle? I really would like nice legs, but it's impossible with my calves. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

the whole getting to know you gig...

hello!  my name's amy, and i'm new to this community...to save space here, i will give you guys these links and you guys can learn more about me by reading them...

http://www.livejournal.com/users/a_healthier_me/414.html - my introductory lj entry from when i first started this journal

http://www.livejournal.com/users/a_healthier_me/2005/09/13/ - my most recent entry

i look forward to posting lots in this community and meeting new friends :)


x-posted...cause i joined a bunch o communities today :)

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