inanna (inanna) wrote in bphaf,

Greetings and Salutations

i just joined up through a rather oddly unrandom series of links. As is life most of the time... oddly unrandom, that is. :)

Honestly, i have a lot of weight to lose to be optimally healthy for my body frame. It is more important to me to be healthy than to be skinny... my big issue right now is that i don't have the stamina or strength or flexibility or balance to do the things i WANT to do. So, that has to change. i can't change the past, so i can only change NOW.

i am a vegetarian who doesn't do dairy. i avoid refined sugars, white foods (other than potatoes, which i do love, but don't eat more than once every week or two anyway), caffeine, and nasty-fats. That being said, i still tend to eat too much of the right foods, and enough of the wrong foods, to get to my goals. So... time for more change. Daily exercise has worked so well for me in the past, but i have fallen off the wagon. Time to climb back on, eh? :)

Anyway... i am 36, homeschooling mom of two great boys, partner to my beloved husband, owned by 6 birds, 4 cats, 1 dog, and 1 fish. i am a massage practitoner on the side (i keep my license current, but i don't have an active clinical practice). i live on the poorer side of a good neighborhood. My house is cluttered, which i think reflects my cluttered mind... so i am working on that one, too.
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