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Need therapy advice

My most urgent need right now is for some physical therapy/massage for a spasm-y hamstring, but I'd really like to find someone who can look at the entire system and work out solutions that will address the connection between my back pain, hipm knee, ankle, foot and toes - I have problems with'em all!

I already know I'm overweight and need exercise and diet, so I don't want to hear that as the first thing out of the caregiver's mouth, thank you very much. These areas issues have been present and prgoressing my whole life, so I know there are some structural/mechanical processes that can be modified - it's just that every specialist I go to looks only at the area giving me a problem at the moment, and not at the whole body. I want to get off the multiple specialist carousel!

I live on the Eastside but am willing to travel a bit.

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