N. (my_piece_of_sky) wrote in bphaf,

getting past the plateu

hi guys, i just joined and have a question:

i'm 5'3, and about 145 lbs, and have been working out pretty intensively for the past three months. for the six months before that i had been very slowly gaining weight and not doing much exersize, and before *that* i was in extremely good shape, exersizing regularly. i've been watching what i eat, and controlling my portion sizes (although i'm still eating a little more than i should for a standard 'diet' regimen), but at this point i'm not losing any weight (i also eat very healthy food). in the past 3 months i've lost about 4 lbs., which is very frustrating because i've been working really hard...i go to the gym 4-6 times a week, doing at least 40 mins. of cardio (usually 50+), weights every time that i go (although i do alternate which weights i do on which days) and for the past 3 weeks i've also been doing yoga twice a week, and practicing some of the moves at home also. plus, i walk alot, as i have no car. (although i've only lost 4 lbs., people say they see a bigger difference in my appearance, i have great muscle definition on my arms, legs, back and shoulders).

now, i'm a very muscular, barely size 8 145 lbs, but there is still a thick layer of flab, specifically on my belly and butt and thighs, that i'd like to tone out of existence. i've just hit a major plateau, where i've been for the last month to six weeks...is there anything that you guys can think of to help jump-start the weight loss...i want to lose in total 10-15 lbs. (down to 130-135), and would really like to be down 5 in the next month.

thanks :).
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