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Hi! In high school, I ran track and cross-country, but had to take several years off for a knee injury. Turns out I could have had very little time off, if I hadn't been too stubborn to go to the doctor! Go figure. I've been back in the running game for three years now, but am currently on another hiatus due to advanced pregnancy. I was hoping to run all the way through, but my hips had other ideas.

At the moment, I coach long-distance track on a volunteer basis. I'd play with the cross-country team, too, but I'm substituting while I look for permanent work, and my pay checks can't take the hit for two seasons out of the year.

I probably won't be posting too much until my running gets back under way in a couple of months, but I do have a question about one of my runners. She has asthma, and I'm not really sure what to look for, since I don't want to hold her back too much. Fortunately, she seems to have a good idea of when she needs to take a break, but I'd like to have more info on the subject. I know a little bit about asthma itself, but not enough on how it fits into athletics. Can anyone suggest some good reading material?

Since I'm new to Livejournal, this will be cross-posted in several places. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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